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Dimensions is a performative work that immerses spectators in the heart of nature through a poetic and immersive audiovisual performance at the crossroads of visual art, mixed music (digital and acoustic), science and experimental lutherie.


On stage, two artists engage in a musical and visual dialogue in total fusion with nature, accompanied by a third protagonist, a microscope, which becomes a veritable creative force capturing microscopic elements and microorganisms, thus contributing to the visual composition. 

For this performance, sound artist Diego Bermudez Chamberland creates live mixed music (electronics and digitally processed acoustic invented instruments), a hypnotic sonic bath, at times saturated and textured. During the performance, he uses the Bol, an invented instrument equipped with a microphone to capture instrumental playing (hands and breath) transformed by digital modular synthesis to generate unheard-of textures and sonorities. It enriches live music by triggering sound samples and processing them in Ableton Live. Triggered sound samples are created from musicalized field recordings and modular synthesizers.

For his part, visual artist Cristo Riffo creates a visual performance mixing live analog and digital video media. On the analog side, he uses living microbial samples to present the microcosm, with all its living inhabitants in a small drop of water, for example, using a microscope with physical modifications as a tool, having given this tool the ability to move by itself thanks to robotic components. There is also live camera capture to write poetry and draw on the microscope signal, creating further narratives of poetic entanglement between scale realities. On the digital side, there's a live mix of video footage taken by drones and a shoulder-mounted camera, having a formal and conceptual relationship with the images shown by the microscope.

The work itself seeks to question our own reality by revealing the multidimensionality of nature.

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