Rocks have ears

 Diego Bermudez Chamberland, Marquis' McGee & Ryan Woods.

4 portable speaker site-specific installation.

The installation Rock have ears puts forward the inaudible and poetically personifies the rocks of the site by allowing them to transmit their sound reality to the listener.

The idea came after taking recordings of electromagnetic waves that were inaudible to the human ear, but perceptible with specialized microphones. The location of the installation, which was very calm on the surface, turned out to be very noisy once the microphones were activated!

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The Weaving ladies

 Diego bermudez Chamberland, lianne van roekel, Robert Menczel

Live performance with Custom build instrument, portable speaker, digital processing

The weavings ladies is a performance that puts forward a hand made instrument that is played by three people. The instrument bridges the three performers through its components which are connected by woven strings. Reality quietly gives way to dreams and finally gives way to the instrument that tells its story ...


Quatre Miniatures

 Diego Bermudez Chamberland, Benn Malca, Chrystine Rayburn, Robert Menczel 

Site-Specific sound installation, Portable speakers, pedal, light, microphones 

Four Miniatures is an installation presented at the Santa Susanna church in Vilamajor in Catalonia. The initial idea came from a desire to sonify and revive certain elements of the church which are now marked by time and have fallen into silence.


Divided into four parts, its components are both independent in the content they reveal and also blend to form a new dreamlike soundscape.