Tint is an audiovisual project bringing together sound artist Diego Bermudez Chamberland and composer and visual artist Charles Campeau-Bedford. The duo proposes a fragmented sound world that oscillates between fragility and strength thanks to the combination of synthetic and instrumental sounds. The result is a project with ambient and electronics sounds and disjointed rhythms.


Macroplasm is the multidisciplinary Dark Ambient project of Diego Bermudez-Chamberland (Composer and Sound Designer) and Yanik Tremblay-Simard (Composer, Sol Miracula). Based largely on improvisation and exploring dialogue between musicians, listening is at the heart of their process. They offer an immersive atmosphere that is part of a whimsical, organic world, the Macroplasm.


Techno / industrial trio focused on live performance.


It is through the process of creating sound materials and editing this composition that I deepened my work on the articulation of synthetic sounds. This approach was born from a desire to give life to synthetic sounds and to make them coexist in a non-referential sound universe. The play is a journey to the darkest corners of the mind: in search of light.

5e place Prix Jeu de temps / Times Play (JTTP)2019

Sélection Diffrazioni festival