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Myra VR (2020)

Description from the the artist Olivia McGilchrist:

In MYRa, we are invited to witness the totality of a spherical watery world by being given a double insight: the exterior view of the seams and peripheries of the image and the experience of being thrust into its regenerative interior. This project is centered around the tension occurring between the physicality of bodies and their virtual representations, through VR and video installation. It features the artists body in dialogue with several bodies of water (ocean, lake, river), whilst exploring the absence of a deceased friend.

Crédit Duration 4 minutes
Director Olivia McGilchrist
Production Olivia McGilchrist
VR Development Dougy Hérard, Scott Smith
Sound composition and sound design Diego Bermudez Chamberland
Sound design Yanik Temblay-Simard
Production Support Decoy Magazine, Hexagram, Milieux Institute

Prison Boss VR (2017-2018)

Sound design, Sound and music implementation with Wwise, 

Available on Steam :

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